Monday, August 17, 2009

Post Fest

I just want to begin by thanking all our sponsors. Thanks to the kind donations from Seagull Bags, Roll, Paradise Garage, Cafe Brioso, Midwest Photo, Drexel Theaters, Starbucks, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Hard Labor shirt design, Element, Spindle Studios and Wild Goose Creative we had a great year! And as for the money we raised for Asia's Hope, we may pass the $2,000 mark after we sell off the rest of our shirt supply! That said, buy more shirts! I am ordering more smalls and mediums as they went much quicker than I anticipated. They will be in stock in about two weeks or so. We currently have large and x-large shirts.

We had 45 people come out this year! This is a BIG jump from last years 18. The gold medal goes to the trio who came all the way from New York. The silver medal goes to our new friends from Pittsburgh. We also had people come from all over Ohio including Kent, Cleveland and Cincinnati. It is so cool to see how people are embracing this fest!

The rides went well despite us being pulled over by Worthington Police. Yes, that's right. They pulled over all 45 of us. After a brief public service announcement by the kind and forgiving officers (they just didn't want to have to scrape any of us off the road, understandably so) we were on the way.

The films started off with a bang with the first Jaws film. They limped on with 2, 3 and 4 (bad, BAD sequels). The tattooing also went GREAT thanks to all the kind folks at Evolved. They had seven artists on deck to ink us. They tattooed over 15 of us and had us wrapped up in about 3-4 hours!

The afternoon was filled out with bike polo. Minus a few scrapes everyone had a good time. Thank you to Caleb and David for heading up that part of the day. And lastly, Rad Dog hot dog cart hooked us up with a fantastic dinner. Thanks Tawd!

I will have a video of the days events edited and posted in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that. And start getting your Awesome recharged for next year. DIRTY HARRY is coming for Ohio in 2010.



jenny mae. said...

do you have me down for a small?

Awesomest said...

Yep. Got it Jenny. Thanks.


Colin Rigsby said...

it was a great and awesome fest. you did an amazing job nick! can't wait for next year.