Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drexel, PBR and Cable TV.. Oh My!!!

We are about a week away and we are still growing in awesomeness. Tonight my interview with WDEM cable channel 17 will air at 10 pm. You can watch it on their website here.

Secondly, Pabst Blue Ribbon has decided to sponsor our humble marathon of awesomeness with free beer! That's right. Thank you Bob Miller, PBR rep, extraordinaire.

Third, Jeff Frank, president of the Drexel Theaters, contacted me asking if we would like a bunch of movie passes, shirts, posters, etc? Hell yes we do! If it wasn't for Mr. Marathon himself and the name he built for himself and the Drexel Theaters, Awesomefest wouldn't exist. I have been attending their 24 hour Sci-Fi marathons since 1997.

Finally, the shirts have arrived so order your extra shirts today as they are going QUICK.

See you guys in 9 days!



chris said...


I live in Chicago but am a Columbus native. Why oh why wasn't this around when I lived there? Movies, bikes, tattoos. These are a few of my favorite things. Blurg.

Awesomefest said...

Bummer man. We do have people coming from Pittsburgh, New York and all parts of Ohio though. Maybe next year?